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Our mission is to teach magic to those that want to learn, not to expose hundreds of tricks to anyone - you can learn a lot of the tricks immediately after proving you know some magic, and as you contribute to the community, you will have access to even more.

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Recommended Tricks

Learn this trick with photos Smartie Box Finger Stab
A box with your finger in it is pierced with toothpicks, your finger is removed unharmed
Learn this trick with photos Retention Vanish
A sleight used to make a coin disappear.
Learn this trick with photos Paper Vanish
The magician can make a piece of paper vanish and reappear.
Learn this trick with photos Bitten Coin
Bite a chunk out of a coin!
Learn this trick with photos Finger Palm
How to palm coins.
Learn this trick with photos Coin From Dollar
Show a plain dollar bill, fold it up and produce a coin from inside in this Impromptu beginner's trick.
Trick with photos and videos Quarter Through Tupperware
A coin penetrates through a tupperware lid.
Learn this trick with photos Impromptu Snapped and Restored Elastic Band
The magician snaps and restores an elastic band - no duplicates involved!

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